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  • Without Quantum Ad Blocker, online advertisements not only interrupt your browsing, they stop webpages from loading fast.

  • When your browser is busy downloading advertisements – banners, pop-ups, animations, autoplaying videos – your browsing slows down.

  • With Quantum Ad Blocker on, you browse faster because webpages load much more quickly.

  • Quantum Ad Blocker’s pop up blocker stops advertisements as soon as you request a page. We rely on a list of URLs known to distribute ads and stop requests to those URLs before they are even sent.

More than 300,000 users have already installed Quantum Ad Blocker

Comparison table

Quantum Ad Blocker vs third-party extensions

Quantum Ad Blocker

Regular extensions

Most ad blockers today have at least passable ad blocking quality.

Quantum Ad Blocker blocks ads before they are loaded to the browser. This saves traffic and speeds up page loading.

Quantum Ad Blocker hide frames and empty spaces left after the ad is blocked.

Protect personal data: Quantum Ad Blocker will take care of all trackers that try to spy on you on the net.

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